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PLUS can meet all your garment alteration needs: Our staffs are tailor and dressmaker trained.

HEM Lines
Places to Buy Buttons and Zippers

Pre-Payment Policy

All alterations and repairs are performed on pre-paid basis. If the price is not determined at the time of your order due to involvement by a special subcontractor, a deposit of 50 percent of our estimate is required.

Our Guarantees:

We request all altered items be tried on before leaving the store because body shapes change daily and from season to season. When an item is fitted on an empty stomach, one would expect to feel a snug fit (or to feel tight) after a meal. In cases when fitting at our store is not possible, the garment should be tried-on at home or where convenient to check for fit and form. Our guarantee is good for two weeks from the date of your pickup.

Clothing alteration or repair is not an exact science; therefore, we do not guarantee replication of color, threads, material, seam or sewing/needle patterns, and style of the original manufacturer. PLUS normally provides free pressing after an alteration, therefore, the altered garment will not look the same as an unpressed newly purchased item.

When you ask for an alteration service, you are purchasing a skill set and time. Therefore, there is no refund. However on case-by-case basis, we will work with you to our best of abilities to meet your satisfaction. Please treat our workers kindly, honestly and fairly, and you will receive more than what you paid for in our services.

Complicated Alterations:

The best way to alter your garments is to be fitted by a tailor in front of a large mirror. The following are the types of work that should be done by a professional tailor:

  • Pants, Skirt, Dress, Jacket waist size increased and decreased
  • Sleeves Lengthened on Blouse, Blazers/jackets, Dress Shirts, and Dresses
  • Bodice Size Changed on Blouse, Blazers/jackets, Dress Shirts, and Dresses
  • Hem length shortened or increased on Blazers, Coats, Jackets and Robes
  • Gowns and Prom Dresses fitted

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Hem Lines

Lengths of your slacks, skirts, coats, and dresses can be raised or lowered. While raising (shortening) a hem line requires removal of material, lowering (lengthening) requires additional material. Therefore, raising a hem line is always possible, but lowering is only possible where there is sufficient amount of material to extend.

What is a good skirt or dress hem line for work? Lady's skirt hem height
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Waist, Shoulder, and Hip Size Changes

Increasing or decreasing of the shoulder, waist, or hip line involves considerable amount of work when 1 inch or wider is involved. In many cases, an alteration will be needed at multiple adjoining seams, essentially causing a remake of the item. In these cases, our recommendation is buying instead of repairs.

On those occasions when an alteration of such kind is merited, please note the following.

  • Some twisting of leg material will occur on slacks.
  • For skirts, alteration normally involves complete disassembly of waist line, redistribution of material including undoing and resewing all existing vertical seams.
  • On blazers and suit jackets, remake of arm holes, removal or addition of lining material, disassembly of neck areas are possible, as these are considered a major rework of a garment.

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Repair and Parts Replacement - zippers, buttons, snaps


Zipper replacements are done with the most suitable type and color available to us; an exact match might not be possible, and pre-existing slider or pull tab with special designs cannot be saved. PLUS does not attempt to repair the zipper tooth, top stop, bottom stop, slider, or pull tab: zippers are replaced in their entirety. Zipper replacement on leather items are done by a leather work specialist that contracts with us, and additional charges apply. The replacement may take up to two to three weeks. The cost of a zipper repair depends on the length and type of material of work.

Buttons and Snaps

Button, snaps, thread loops, and other fasteners on garments at hidden locations are replaced with most suitable type. However, the buttons on the outside, visible to others, are normally provided by the customers. This applies generally to blazers, jackets, coats, blouses, sweaters and dresses.

All outside buttons are replaced at the same time to match the type and material, unless specifically requested not to do so. If the button replacement in kind and type is important, please purchase and provide us a set of buttons appropriate for your garment. When no instruction is given, our tailor will replace a button or two with the most suitable type, color and size at our discretion, and an appropriate charge will be added to your invoice.

Buying Buttons

Although we keep a supply of buttons on hand, we may not have those that are decorative. Because of this, we prefer customers find the buttons from notions stores. If you ask us to purchase them from a local shop, all charges related to driving and time spent will be added your invoice.

Places to Buy Zippers and Buttons:

Broken Shirt Buttons

Shirt buttons are not designed to last forever, so when you bring your shirts please tell us if you are missing a button or two. Laundered shirt orders are initially checked for missing buttons before processing and during a quality check at the end. We will charge all button replacements at our discression with suitable color, type, and style available to us. For each shirt requiring two or more buttons replaced, a charge of $7 per shirt will be added to your total.

Please note that in most cases when one shirt button is missing because it is cracked away, evidenced by the remaining threads, the other buttons are likely to have cracks and are ready to break off. We will replace all the buttons with the most suitable type, and there will be a charge of $18. Sometimes the shirt material is too thin to have buttons replaced; this will be determined at our discretion.

If any shirt is missing a button when you receive your order, please return the shirt with the next order along with a note indicating missing buttons. We will replace the button(s) with appropriate charges.
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Repair: Material Re-Weaving

We hire one of the best reweavers in Washington DC area. Our contractor is couture fashion pattern maker and sewer. Our technician can reweave most material except the items that are too thin, worn down, or shiny. These materials, irrespective of the skill level of a person, will show fine lines of the repaired weaves. When you ask us to reweave your garment, what you are asking is to hire the time and effort of a person for about three hours of work at average. Please note, we will do our best to serve our customers, but the reality is that the contractor needs to be paid. Therefore, all reweaving work is at the customer's risk.

We recommend reweaving only on the thicker materials for tears of small to about one inch in diameter at the maximum, provided there is sufficient amount of material that may be grafted from a hidden area.
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Items of Service

Suit Jackets, Blazers, and Sports Coat: Buttons, Lining Replacements, Sleeve Changes, Sew Rips, and Tailoring

Pants: Waist, In Seams, and Leg Hems.

Our general alterations include:
· Dresses and Skirts
· Pants, and Shorts
· Suits, Jackets, Shirts and Blouses
· Relining jackets, coats, pants, and skirts
· Mending and repairs
· Buttons, zippers and patching
· Leather
· Draperies, Curtains & Valances
· Bedding, Throw Pillows & Linens
· Tablecloths & Napkins
· Uniforms - military, schools, commercial & clerical
· Hem and Seam Repair
· Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, or Snaps
· Buttonholes - Make or Repair
· Zippers - Replace or Repair
· Sleeves and Hems - Shorten or Lengthen
· Pockets - Replace or Repair
· Shoulder Pads and Dress Shields
· Beadwork - Replace or Repair

Coats and Jackets
· Shorten or lengthen sleeves
· Shorten hems
· Lift shoulders
· Take in/out sides
Slacks and Jeans
· Shorten or lengthen hems
· Take in/out waist, seat and crotch
· Take in/out sides
· Original jeans hem
· Take in/out sleeves
· Shorten sleeves
· Take in sides
· Hem
Repairs and Replacements
· Replace broken zippers
· Replace jacket lining
· Add buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes
· Mending
· Jean patches
· Repair packets

For Men
High quality custom tailoring on your suits, jackets, slacks and coats. By adjusting waists, sides and hems, we can make you look your best and contribute to the overall impression you make on others.

For Women
Specialize in providing professional wedding gown and other formal wear alterations for women.From simple gowns to detailed gowns with crystals, beads and lacing, our highly skilled seamstresses are able to handle all your bridal alterations requirements.

Services on wedding gowns and all other formal wear include and more:
· Resizing
· Restyling
· Custom Hems
· Adjust Bodice
· Adjust or add sleeves
· Install Bra cups
· Add Corset back with or without Privacy Panels
· Install Zippers
· Crystal, Beading and lacing
· Different kind of Bustles
· Modesty panels
· General repairs
· Mother of bride/Groom Dresses
· Bridesmaid Dresses
· Flower Girl Dresses
· Prom Dresses

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