Doing Laundry At Home:

Sometimes it just isn't worth your time, and it goes like this.

17. "Taking Back Homemaking"
16. "AMISH Laundry"
15. "Backpacking Laundry"
14. "Laundry on a River"
13. "I Love Smell of Laundry Soap"
12. "I Love Laundry"
11. I
"LOVE laundry"
10. I "hate laundry"
9. How I hate Ironing: "and I want to join the club",
8. Traveling, eating, and clean shirt misadventure; "Andi's Seattle Trip",
7. My laundry room is called "Nuclear Laundry", and I might look like Einstein.
6. I am not the only one buying new shirts when I need clean clothes; others do the same.
5. Laundromats are closed and I have no clean shirt to wear for tomorrow's work; now off to Wal-Mart to buy a poplin-long sleeve shirt -, a real life event from Bay City, TX.
4. A place I might have to do laundry - new visits and laundry: from Mount Hood or in Europe
3. It is a mindset: I hope I am past this.
2. Check out "" on kids and laundry- need to get some help.
1. Laundry Love - a first love affair.