Dry Cleaning Done Professionally with Green in Mind

PLUS Cleaners is a green company. We reduce consumables and minimize impacts on the environment.

Chemicals and Machines
Recycling: Hangers, Platic Bags,
Donations of Old Clothing Items

Chemicals and Machines:

We strive to be a small-carbon foot print company and are sensitive to health concerns. We are aware of the effects perchloroethylene (Perc), so we have selected a contract cleaning company, with the newest generation machine that does not use Perc, but instead uses EXXON Organic. Our cleaning agent is non chlorinated compound. The machine in service is brand new and is 99.9% efficient in its recycle capability.

There is no residual, musty order present in our finished products. Unlike other non-PERC processes, ours do not have any potential for system mold growth because the machine does not have a condensation chamber.

Company's steam boiler was replaced only a couple of years ago and it has efficient insulations and burner design.

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We purchase metal hangers and plastic covers made from recycled material, and we encourage customers to recycle hangers. Please bring white steel hangers when you come. However, we do not reuse the pants hangers with glued paper bar because of lint and dust collecting on them after a single use.
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We participate in helping the less fortunate among us. We will accept your carefully-used coats, pants, and other items for donations to Goodwill Industries., Salvation Army, SCAN, local Churches, and Non-Profit Centers that assist people.
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