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Oriental Rugs

We will do the Lifting, Washing, Drying, Stain Removing, Waiting, and Caring.
Bring your rugs and and we will get them cared for you.

This Is A PrePaid Service
How It Works
What Not To Do

50% Deposit Is Required

A deposit is based on the size of your rug.

How It Works

We contract with the best of the rug cleaners in the Washington DC area. We inspect for damages, discoloration, stains, wear...etc

We carefully tamp out 95 - 98 % of all the removeable dry dirt before washing.

We wash with continuous fresh flows of bio-friendly cleaning agent and natural solvent

We individually spin each rug to remove 95% water.

We dry rugs in low temperature heat to prevent shrinkages.

If you have stain on your rugs, tell us what the stain is when you bring your rug.

What Not To Do

Do not pre-treat stain, we will do the pre-treat when needed.

Do not bend dried stain which has tendency to crack material - instead spray water, reconstitute stain, and wipe with a towel - if desired at your own risk.

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