We will do the lifting, washing, waiting, and folding.
Bring your laundry bags and we will get them ready for you.
Towels, Linen, Sheets, ...etc

Comforters are done in a different manner. Ask when you come.

Minimum Order Size
How It Works
What Not To Do
Soaps and Bubbles
Laundry Stories - Doing it at home

A 25 dollar minimum applies on all wash and fold orders.

This is about one 13-gallon kitchen trash bag size, and the weight is determined before washing. When dry cleaning orders are brought together, the minimum order is $15.

How It Works

Wash and fold service is by weight and not by piece count, and we do not count your pieces. Therefore, we are not responsible for a lost sock or items that tend to grow legs and might get lost. Normally, the weight of laundry decreases by a pound or two when washed and dried because dirt, sweat, and water are taken out.

We do not mix your clothes with other customers' clothes during washing or drying. When clothes are handled, we maintain orders separate by washing and drying only your clothes.

We do not separate or sort items between types, density of materials, or sizes; and We do not separate between household items and clothing articles. We sort only on light and dark colored items.

We do not take responsibilities for those items that do not survive general washing and drying in household laundry machines - such as loss of color, loss of material sheen, increased or decreased stiffness, melting of clothing construction glue, and removal of loose fibers are expected in wash and fold process.

Wet items bleed and cause dye transfers to other items in your laundry bags. We will not process your order when we find in your bag either wet items and or items that have lost or transferred color. Please keep the wet items separated. We are not responsible for color bleeds and dye transfers.

Red color normally bleeds during wash cycles; therefore, red-colored items may be removed from your order and handled separately. A special charge may apply for handling red-colored items as a separate washing. [Back to Top]

What Not To Do

1. Do not place household items such as bathroom mats and area rugs in your wash and fold orders. We do not take responsibilities for these items being damaged or for clothes that get damaged because of the heavy household items being mixed in with clothes. The heavy, pasticized, items may errod delicate items.

2. Do Not place items soiled with bio-hazards in your wash and fold orders. Items that have blood stains and other bodily fluids are to be rinsed and bagged separately; and please tell us if you have items with these contaminations. When we find such items, the items may be removed and disposed of at our discretion for the safety of our workers.

3. Do not place items contaminated with chemical agents such as pesticides, furtilizers, paint thinners, and cleaning agents (the list is not all inclusive). Some chemicals react with laundry detergents and may damage your clothing articles. If you do have chemically contaminated items, please tell us.

4. Do not place items contaminated with Bed Bugs. Please tell us in advance if there are bed-bug contaminated items. Our standard washing practices do not operate at temperatures sufficient to decontaminate or kill the bed-bugs. However, we can decontaminate for bed-bugs if we are told in advance. We will follow a generally known practice of washing the articles in hot water and drying in high temperatures. At these temperatures clothing articles may get damaged especially the woolen items; and we do not take responsibilities for the damaged articles. All decontamination work is at the customers risks, and additional charges will apply.

5. Do not include items that need dry cleaning in your wash and fold orders. Especially the woolen material will shrink after washing and drying cycles, and silk or delicate material will get damaged.
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Soaps and Bubbles:

We use non-allergic soap and do not use softeners.

Doing Laundry At Home:

Sometimes it just isn't worth your time, and it goes like this.

13. "Laundry and love are two words I never thought I would use together."
12. I "LOVE laundry"
11. I "hate laundry"
10. How I hate Ironing: "and I want to join the club",
9. Traveling, eating, and clean shirt misadventure; "Andi's Seattle Trip",
8. Time is more valuable than $3.00 an hour or better than the minimum wage, so I give my shirts to someone just to save some time. Anyway have you tried to iron your own shirts? It takes me 15 minutes just for one shirt. I don't want to do this
HTML tutorial
7. My laundry room is called "Nuclear Laundry", and I might look like Einstein.
6. I am not the only one buying new shirts when I need clean clothes; others do the same.
5. Laundromats are closed and I have no clean shirt to wear for tomorrow's work; now off to Wal-Mart to buy a poplin-long sleeve shirt -, a real life event from Bay City, TX.
4. A place I might have to do laundry - new visits and laundry: from Mount Hood or in Europe 3. It is a mindset: I hope I am past this.
2. Check out "About.com" on kids and laundry- need to get some help.
1. Laundry Love - a first love affair.

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* Public may not use laundering equipment at Chancellor Center location

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